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Second To None

Fandom: Skyfall (James Bond)
Subject: Eve Moneypenny
Title: Second To None
Warnings/Notes: Warnings for canon typical violence and explicit lyrics in some songs. Spoilers for all of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. Picspam heavy. 8tracks stream and DL available.

Eve Moneypenny begins Skyfall as a badass field agent working with James Bond for MI6. While chasing a mercenary through Turkey, Bond fights the enemy on top of a train. Eve has both men in her rifle-sights, but she warns M that it’s not a clean shot; she risks shooting Bond. M orders her to fire and the bullet hits Bond. He falls off the train, seemingly to his death.

When Bond returns to MI6 after his miraculous recovery Eve has been placed under temporary suspension from fieldwork for “killing 007”. (Which I think is pretty unfair, she was following orders so it ultimately wasn’t her call.) Bonds asks her if she wants to go back to field duty, saying that “it’s not for everyone”. She says, “Of course.”

When Bond’s mission takes him to Macau, Eve arrives to offer additional support and sexy cut-throat razor shaving. (I am torn over whether they sleep together here. On one hand, it’s pretty heavily implied and their chemistry is off the charts. On the other, she survives the movie and every woman who has sex with Craig's Bond ends up dead. So, I don’t know.)

Eve is at M’s trial when Silva attacks. She and Mallory fend Silva and his men off in the ensuing firefight, allowing Bond help M escape.

At the end of the film, Eve has declined going back on active service in favor of a desk job under Mallory. She tells bond that her full name is Eve Moneypenny.

While Eve clearly thought a lot of Bond’s shenanigans were over the top (there’s a particular face she gives when he jumps on top of the moving train in the beginning that screams “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me”) and has a lot of respect for Mallory, her decision to leave fieldwork doesn’t really make sense to me.

Nearly everything we see her do is showing her being an competent badass (usually while firing a gun) and though she is upset when she thinks that she actually killed Bond, she clearly gets over it as being part of the job. Despite what Bond appears to think, she seems perfectly suited to being an active agent. I hope she gets more opportunities to do some active ass kicking in later movies.

Secret Agent by Melissa Etheridge
You got nowhere to run
Got her phasers on stun
With her toys like the boys
She is second to none

Everybody wants to know
If she's got something to hide
All the girls are relieved
She's working for the other side
She's a sinner
A saint
She'll run it cool and hot
She's a secret agent
You can believe it or not

Bang Bang by Melanie Fiona
Maybe I should live and let die
Take it like a soldier
Don't cry
Hold my head come down from my high

I be lockin’ and loadin’
I be shootin’ forever
Got my eye on the target and I'm aiming at you

Let Me Blow Ya Mind by Eve feat. Gwen Stefani (Explicit)
And if I had to give you more
It's only been a year
Now I got my foot through the door
And I aint goin nowhere
It took a while to get me in
And I'm gonna take my time
Don't fight that good shit in your ear
Now let me blow ya mind

She’s Long Gone by The Black Keys
She was made to blow you away
She don't care what any man say
Well, you can watch her strut
But keep your mouth shut
Or it's ruination day

Well, now she's long
A-long gone
Oh now, she's long
Yeah now, she's long gone
Like Moses through the corn

Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did? by Ella Fitzgerald
Honestly, I thought you wouldn't
Naturally, you thought you couldn't
And probably we shouldn't
But aren't you kind of glad we did?

Sour Cherry by The Kills
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
Shout when you wanna get off the ride
'Cause you crossed my mind
You crossed my mind
I'm a penny in a diamond mine
We could be movers
We could be shakers
If we could just shake something out of the blue
And get off the ride

Tightrope by Janelle Monáe
See I'm not walkin' on it
Or trying to run around it
This ain't no acrobatics
You either follow or you lead, yeah
I'm talkin' about you
I'll keep on blaming the machine, yeah I'm talkin' about it,
Talkin' about it
I can't complain about it
I gotta keep my balance

Then baby whether I'm high or low
Baby, whether you're high or low
You gotta tip on the tightrope
Yeah, tip on the tightrope

The Bullpen by Dessa
It's been assumed
I'm soft or irrelevant
‘Cause I refuse to down play my intelligence
But in a room of thugs and rap veterans
Why am I the only one
Who's acting like a gentleman?

Good form, bad taste
Pity, what a waste
All that style, not a thing to say
Looks to me like
A little of your true school
Is at the shallow end of the typing pool

All cloak, no dagger
Just smoke and swagger
I hope that your battery's charged
‘Cause I found this here ladder
Now your ceilings don't matter
Check me out
Now I got glass floors

Forget the bull in the china shop
There's a china doll in the bullpen
Walk with a switch, fire in her fist
Biting at the bit
Swing at every pitch
Coach put me in like

Forget the bull in the china shop
There's a china doll in the bullpen
It's all in the wrist, fire from the hip
Talk a little shit, roll thick
Whole clique
Let's begin

Download the mix here.

Or listen to it on 8tracks here.


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Dec. 8th, 2016 05:50 pm (UTC)
I am always happy to find new Fanmixes. Snagging this. And thank you very much for sharing. :))
Dec. 12th, 2016 01:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you, it's nice to know that you enjoyed it.

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